Eagle and Omega Nebulae

Eagle and Omega Nebulae

This is a widefield image of the Eagle and Omega Nebulae in the constellation Serpens. The Eagle Nebula (M 16) is the bright nebula in the center, while the Omega Nebula (M 17) is the bright nebula on the right side of the image. The Eagle Nebula is located at a distance of about 7.000 light-years from earth, while the Omega Nebula is located at a distance of about 5.500 light-years from earth.

If you zoom close enough to the center of the Eagle Nebula, you will find the famous Pillars of Creation, which are a set of elephant trunks of interstellar gas and dust, about 6.500-7.000 light-years away from earth.

Exposure: 1hrs 15min


  • Scope: Askar 103APO
  • Lens: Askar 0.6x Reducer
  • Camera: Canon EOS 6Da
  • Filter: Antlia TriBand RGB Ultra
  • Mount: Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 GT
  • Guiding: Svbony SV165 Guide Scope with ZWO ASI 224MC
  • Controller: ZWO ASIAir Pro


  • IC 4703
  • IC 4706
  • IC 4707
  • M 16
  • M 17
  • NGC 6604
  • NGC 6605
  • NGC 6611
  • NGC 6618
  • NGC 6625
  • NGC 6631